First “Angry Birds”, now comes “Angry Cemal”

A new computer game has just been launched, based on the Mayor of Nicosia, Cemal Bulutoglulari. The game, called “Angry Cemal” features the main character tasked with knocking down mini leaders of the LTB party, while trying to avoid rubbish bags lying around. The game can be played by following the link below (requires Facebook).

[like-locker-pro id=”650b41567cb9ae203″ theme=”black” scheme=”light” url=”” message=”Click Like to see the Angry Cemal game”]Play: Angry Cemal[/like-locker-pro]

Cemal Bulutoglulari was not amused by the game and went to the police headquarters in Nicosia yesterday to protest against the game and its creators. He has since been to the local press to declare that he will be suing Hurriyet newspaper and a Mr Pinar Namzi who is an advisor to the Turkish Interior Minister. He intends to claim $1 million in damages.

Bulutoglulari reportedly feels that the game came about because of the internal power struggle in his UBP party.

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