First anniversary of TRNC Water Transfer Project

It has been one year since water from Turkey arrived in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus via an undersea pipeline.

Today, a total of 74 settled areas in 24 of the 28 municipalities in the country are being supplied with clean, fresh, potable water.

The TRNC Water Transfer Project is expected to meet the country’s water needs for at least 50 years.

According to information released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources water levels at the Geçitköy reservoir which can hold up to 26.5 million cubic meters of water currently stands at 75%.

Around 52 thousand cubic meters of the water is being treated before being distributed across the TRNC.

The Water Transfer Project which pumps water from the Dragon River in Anamur, Turkey to the TRNC via an 80km undersea suspended pipeline cost around 1.6 billion TL to complete.



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