First hot air balloon company opens in North Cyprus

Cappadocia’s hot air balloon tourism in Turkey has arrived in North Cyprus. The Flying Cyprus company officially opened for business after its first test flight over Yeni Iskele this morning.

Every year thousands of people flock to Cappadocia to fly in hot air balloons and now local tourists will be able to do the same in the TRNC.

About one month ago, the Yeni Iskele Flying Cyprus Air Sports (Flying Cyprus) opened its offices. The company, which aims to benefit tourism in the TRNC, completed its first flight earlier this morning.

Those who took part in the balloon flight enjoyed a wonderful day at a height of 1000 metres (3,500 feet), watching the sun rise, flying with the birds over the region. After a pleasant flight, the giant balloon, which took off in the Yeni Iskele region, made a safe landing with its experienced pilot Vural Gül. The company gave a flight certificate to all passengers after the flight.

Flying Cyprus has been operating in Cappadocia for 12 years and applied for permission to operate in the TRNC one year ago.

The TRNC General Directorate of Civil Aviation granted flight and landing permission for the hot air balloon between Dipkarpaz and Yeni Iskele, the company’s representative Metin Kayhan said.

He added that they wanted to thank all the relevant institutions that had supported them, especially Transportation Minister Kemal Dürüst, Tourism Minister Fikri Ataogluna, Iskele Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu, the Civil Aviation Authorities and Aviation Federation officials.

Contact number: +90 (542) 864 80 00

Address: Kordonboyu Bakırcım Sokak – İskele (near İskele – Boğaz main road)

Kibris Postasi

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