First TC Dairy Products Maker Receives PDO

North Cyprus News - Hellim 2

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Gülgün Süt Mamülleri Limited is the first Turkish Cypriot milk and dairy products maker to receive the protected certificate of origin (PDO), Yeniduzen reports.

The Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry announced that the dairy products company had received the (PDO) certificate under the EU quality programme and had the right to use the Halloumi/Hellim name.

Bureau Veritas, the internationally accredited organisation, authorised to carry out relevant official inspections throughout Cyprus, conducted its first inspection in the Turkish Cypriot community in February this year and assessed that the first producer from the Turkish Cypriot community had complied with the requirements set out in the PDO product specification. In the south, some halloumi producers have already been granted PDO certification.

A statement made by Mario Nava, Director General of Structural Reform Support of the European Commission, read as follows: 

“’Halloumi’/’Hellim’ is the common heritage of both communities on the island of Cyprus. This important step taken today demonstrates that the tangible benefits of full EU membership are available to the Turkish Cypriot community and encourages Turkish Cypriots to move forward towards harmonisation with EU standards. In this context, the ‘Halloumi’/’Hellim’ PDO process is a mini reunification lab. We are determined to work together with both communities in Cyprus, to contribute to the rebuilding of trust between them and to pave the way for a comprehensive settlement on the island”.


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