First time South cooperates on police matter with no UN presence

South Cyprus cooperated with the TRNC without a UN mediator for the first time, when it agreed to surrender four Iranian nationals who escaped from the TRNC to the south, lawyer and member of the Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters (TCCCM) Hakki Onen has said. The Iranians are accused of robbing two jewellery stores in the north.

Onen stated that this development, which he described as “unique”, took place for the first time after “intensive telephone diplomacy”.

He also referred to the murder incident in Ayia Napa, where the two men accused by the south of committing the crime, are being held in a prison in the TRNC on charges of illegally crossing the border. South Cyprus has issued an extradition request for them. Onen said that the demand has neither been discussed at a political level nor by the TCCCM.

He stressed the importance of a solution to the Cyprus problem and the establishment of a federal police which will be able to deal with major issues like organised crime and terrorism.

The lawyer also stated that these crimes are of particular concern and it have discussed at the Cyprus negotiations. He added that President Akinci had informed them last week, about the progress made in the Cyprus talks on this issue.

Yeni Duzen

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