Five Accused of Student Murder Remanded in Custody

Five people accused of murdering a Nigerian student, were remanded in custody for three months by Famagusta Accident Court on Friday.

North Cyprus News - Kennedy TaomwabwaNidai Şanlı, Ozan Körkurt, Onur Körkurt, 17-year-old SD and Zekeriya Körkurt, were charged with causing the death of student Kennedy T. Dede. His half-naked body was discovered in Çanakkale Pond on 29 January 2018 in Famagusta.

Intensive security measures were taken in court for the defendants who will be tried for murder, kidnapping, serious assault, while they were brought in front of the judge at Famagusta Accident Court for the Initial Investigation Stage.

The trial has been postponed pending further evidence being brought to the court.

Yeni Duzen

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