Five Linked To Sex Video In Court This Morning

North Cyprus News - video scandal Five people connected to the making and distribution of a sex video featuring a young female and Prime Minister Ersan Saner are appearing at Famagusta District Court this morning for a second time, Kibris Postasi reported.

The prime minister has complained that the video chat video he had had with Nil Pınar Gökmen had been altered using digital technology and distributed over the internet. It was determined that Nil Pınar Gökmen took the video in question with her mobile phone and then deleted it.

He filed a complaint against those charged for “violating the privacy of private life” and “Sexual harassment”. The five accused named as, Nil Pınar Gökmen, Caner Kalaycı, Güngör Sarıboğa, Muhittin Özsağlam and Cüneyt Soğukbulak are being taken the Famagusta District Court once again, with a request for their detention. 

Strict security measures have been put in place during the court hearing.

Kibris Postasi

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