Five-party conference ends but work continues

The five-party conference held in Geneva yesterday reached no conclusion and has moved onto a new phase.

Once the meetings were completed the guarantors and technical experts continued with their efforts separately.

The technical teams will meet again on 18th January and continue their work to bridge the differences.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made a statement regarding the developments at Geneva.

He said that Thursday’s Cyprus reunification talks would continue with technical discussions with a working group at the deputy level until the 18th January followed by the ministers and then a prime ministerial level meeting.

There is no consensus among sides on when to hold the next Cyprus conference at the ministerial level,” Cavusoglu told reporters after the international conference on Cyprus in Geneva.

We do not want to have an open-ended process,” he added.

We clearly pointed out our position on the issues of security and guarantees. Our position fits with the position of Turkish Cypriots,” Cavusoglu said.

We believe that a solution on the Cyprus issue will create new cooperation and trust in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It will be a win-win situation for everyone. There is the fact that Turkey’s guarantor power is highly important for the Turkish Cypriots. The presence of the Turkish army on the island will continue and it is the will of the Turkish Cypriots,” he said.

Explaining that differences remain on certain issues like the rotating presidency, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that the conference had not finished but that the ministerial conference has ended.

He said that if everyone is sincere about a solution then an outcome can be reached and reminded that if manoeuvres are made to only satisfy short term needs, then there will be no positive results.

Whether or not we are hopeful of an outcome will emerge after the technical committee work is completed,’ said Cavusoglu.


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