Five Turkish Cypriots involved in car chase with Greek Cypriots

Five Turkish Cypriots said they were chased and attacked in the early hours of Friday morning while in their car in the Famagusta district by three men in another car.

Two of the Turkish Cypriots were slightly injured.

Police investigating the report said that the five Turkish Cypriots, aged 25 had reported that the incident took place at 4.30am on Friday near Ayia Napa.

The men said that they realised that they were being pursued by another car.

They increased their speed to try and evade the car, however the other vehicle rear ended their car, causing some damage. The chase continued, and according to their report, their way was blocked by the other vehicle, forcing the Turkish Cypriots’ car to stop.

After which, three men holding bats, got out of the car and attacked them. The Turkish Cypriots managed to evade their attackers and called the police.

Two Turkish Cypriots were slightly injured, and were taken to Famagusta general hospital where they were treated for their wounds and discharged.

Cyprus Mail

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