Flights From New Ercan Terminal Begin on 21 July

New terminal at Ercan Airport
[New terminal at Ercan Airport]
Sunday, 16  July 2023 

Ercan Airport will be closed to all flights between 19.15 on 20 July and 07.00 on 21 July. From 07:00 on 21 July, flights will commence from the new terminal building, BRT reports.

A statement issued by  the Ministry of Public Works and Transport reads as follows:

On July 20, 2023, Ercan Airport’s new terminal building and new runway will be officially opened. Flights will continue using the existing terminal building until 20 July 2023 at 19.15.

From 19.15 on 20 July to 07.00 on 21 July, Ercan Airport will be closed to all flights for relocation purposes.

Arrival/departure flights will start again from the new terminal building as of 07:00 on 21 July”.


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