Flights to And From Ercan Airport Halted: Update

New Terminal - Ercan Airport

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Flights to and from Ercan Airport are currently suspended because of a power cut, Yeniduzen reports.

Air traffic controllers are monitoring the system “via the internet on their mobile phones“. Cem Kapısız, President of Air Traffic Controllers Association emphasised that this is a critical situation, stating, “Due to technical reasons, we cannot provide air traffic service“.

The Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mustafa Sofi, also mentioned that the power had been cut and the generators had failed to take over, noting that efforts to resolve the issue are ongoing. 

UPDATE: Kibris Postasi reports that Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıkli whose flight was also delayed, stated that the generator problem was resolved and that he received information that his plane would take off soon.


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