Flooding and Road Closures Across the Island

Cyprus is facing flood conditions with many roads and some village flooded. In the south, many roads and a number of villages were flooded. A yellow alert has been issued, with some intermittent closures on major roads.

In the north of the island, many main roads were closed to traffic from time to time.

North Cyprus News - Flooded house

Civil Defence, firefighters, police, local authorities and volunteers were mobilised to rescue vehicles and passengers stranded on the roads.

The Tashkent, Gungor, Değirmenlik and Minareliköy region, which has had heavy rainfall has been flooded.

Lefkoşa – Gazimağusa Main Road between the Hamitköy traffic lights and the area between the Dağyolu circle was flooded.

The road to Bufavento Castle has been closed because of a landslide.

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