Flow from Turkish water project pipes could be diminished

Inadequacies in the Turkish undersea water pipeline which runs between southern Turkey and the north coast of Cyprus will significantly reduce the flow of water to the island, it has been claimed.

According to Turkish reporter Sercan Aktan, the suction system required to release air from inside the pipes is not sufficiently effective. Aktan, who has reported for NTV news and the BBC says that there are only suction pads in the pipes on land and not under water.

He said that each suction pad costs 10,000 euros and the pipeline needs 170 of them.

The journalist added that according to a source ‘close to the government’, the pipes laid in Cyprus had been purchased from China. Ductile piping had to be used and these were expensive, even though they were manufactured in Turkey. However, instead of buying them from Turkey, they were bought from China, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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