Flu And Chest Infections Widespread This Year


Saturday, 21 January 202

A doctor of paediatric medicine has warned that cases of influenza and respiratory tract infection are spreading and private hospitals in Famagusta are having to send patients home because of bed shortages, Yeniduzen reports.

Child Care specialist Dr Umut Altunç said that the disease can progress severely, especially in children in the at risk group, Altunç pointed out that infections are wide-spread, especially in beta streptococcal infections and RSV infections (respiratory tract infections).

There are countless cases of influenza. Cases come one after another from schools and workplaces. The disease can be severe, especially in children in the risk group. We see cases of fever, bronchitis and pneumonia that do not go away. Yesterday, a patient of mine applied to the emergency room with a convulsion. The diagnosis is Influenza A virus infection! We even have many febrile paediatric patients who have had two different influenza infections in the same season!

Beta streptococcal infections are very dangerous this year. We see many cases that progress rapidly, progress with high levels of inflammation in the blood, which can be life-threatening if not diagnosed early! Due to RSV infection, we see bronchitis in many small babies and they are hospitalised”. 

Dr Altunç called on parents to ensure that their children have flu vaccinations.

“England gives the flu vaccine to all primary school children! It is still not too late for children and adults who are not vaccinated, so let’s do it for free!”, he said.

Dr Altunç said even emergency room patients had been sent home because of a lack of beds “Let’s take measures before it’s too late to stop the epidemic…“, he posted on social media.

Prescription Drugs Shortage

Dr Altunc went on to say that doctors feel as helpless as the patients who seek treatment because of the lack of medicines.

He said everyone should take care of themselves and their children and do more to protect them. He called for schools and workplaces to take strict precautions similar to those taken during the Covid-19 pandemic. Otherwise, schools should be closed, he said.


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