FM Nami reports on his Brussels visit

Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Özdil Nami evaluated his Brussels visit on BRT this weekend. He said that he had held fruitful contacts in the Belgium capital and that besides the current Financial Aid and Green line regulations, the European Commission will take further steps to help the Turkish Cypriots.

“We discussed the new elements of the acquis communautaire with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Füle. The details are not clear yet however there will be further steps than the Financial Aid and the Green line regulations. When the federal government is formed we will be an equal partner of it, therefore we should get prepared for this”, Nami said. He also announced that significant steps had been taken for the crossing of Turkish Cypriot commercial vehicles to South Cyprus within the framework of the Green Line Regulation.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriot side had completed only one quarter of the works regarding the acquis communautaire, he said “there is still a lot of work to be done on this issue”.

Nami also added that positive steps have been taken following his meeting with the European Socialist Party Leader Sergei Stanishev in Brussels.

The Foreign Minister also warned that the Greek Cypriot side’s demands to make progress on confidence building measures instead of the solution parameters was causing serious deadlocks on the Cyprus issue. “It is not possible to focus on the remaining issues before [they confirm that they will remain faithful] to the convergences reached in the past”, Nami added.



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