FM Ozdil Nami to sit at negotiating table: Eroglu

President Eroglu has said that his Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami will also sit at the negotiating table in the Cyprus talks, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Star Kibris’ reports.

Responding to criticism by former president Talat, Eroglu pointed out that when Talat was president he had worked with three foreign ministers and that none of them had sat at the negotiating table nor had they accompanied him during his visits abroad.

“The Greek Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs, participates in the negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, Ozdil Nami will also attend the negotiating table”, Eroglu said.

He said that the world accepts them as leaders and the leaders are the ones who carry out the negotiations. “Besides, the real duty of the foreign minister is to distribute, to promote to the foreign world our views at the negotiating table”, he argued and said that the foreign minister has a very important duty to explain to the world their stance as regards the settlement of the Cyprus problem.

Eroglu restated that if the solution depended on the Turkish Cypriot side, the problem would have been solved. He went on to say that the Greek Cypriots submit proposals which are impossible to implement as they are tantamount to the return of conditions in the pre-1974 period.

The President argued that the Greek Cypriot side has nothing to lose from the lack of an agreement on the Cyprus problem and that the Turkish Cypriots are actually the ones who suffer losses from this situation.

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