FM Ozersay Slams GC embargo on Buying Fuel from North

The Greek Cypriot Administration’s actions are aimed at its own economic interests or at hurting the Turkish Cypriot economy, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay has said.

Referring to the recent measures taken by the Greek Cypriot authorities to prevent Greek Cypriots from buying fuel when crossing over to the TRNC, Ozersay said that such moves undermined efforts aimed at building trust and confidence between the two sides on the island.

He also reminded that visitors from third countries who want to visit the TRNC via Larnaca have been refused entry at the airport.

He said that such moves pushed the Turkish Cypriots to take measures as well as other matters.

North Cyprus News - Petrol stationIn a statement posted on social media, the TRNC Foreign Minister said that whenever the Greek Cypriot side wanted to take actions to hurt the Turkish Cypriot economy or to prevent anything which might benefit Turkish Cypriots – the TRNC did not meet required standards.

To hide behind this excuse! They have a crackdown on buying fuel in the North. Is the standard of fuel upgraded when Turkish Cypriots fill up their cars in the North and crossover to the South? Does the standard of the fuel sold here fail to meet the South’s standards when it is cheaper?” he asked.

BRT, Kibris Postasi

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