FM States South Lacks Respect for Turkish Cypriots

The TRNC Foreign Ministry issued a written statement describing South Cyprus’ attempts to prevent the Cyprus Turkish National Football Team from participating in the CONIFA 2018 World Cup set to take place in Enfield, North London, as “an act of disrespect against the Turkish Cypriots”.

The foreign ministry statement said that the intolerance shown by the Greek Cypriots against Turkish Cypriot participation in international sports, which are peaceful and humane activities, is a cause for concern.

The statement further added that the Greek Cypriots’ attitude of intolerance only serves to deepen the mistrust between the two communities in Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriot leadership which claims it wants to establish a partnership with the Turkish Cypriot side should not support such backward initiatives aimed at strangling Turkish Cypriot youth but to the contrary, should take measures at stopping this”, the statement read. “These latest attempts demonstrated a need for a change in the Greek Cypriot mind-set not only at the negotiating table but on other social and economic issues so as to establish healthy and peaceful relations”, it said.

The statement called on the United Kingdom as well as all other actors supporting a settlement on the island not to allow or tolerate such outdated actions.


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