Food crops to be tested for pesticide levels.

Health Minister Ertugrul Hasipoglu produced a press statement earlier today, covering a number of issues.

He said that his Ministry recognised the significant increase in cases of heart disease, diabetes and cancer within the TRNC. Teams were currently conducting research by collecting data of illnesses from villages. By the end of the year they would have a map of where different illnesses were prevalent in the TRNC.

Mr Hasipoglu also said that by the end of March, hormone tests would be conducted. Personnel involved had been trained initially in Turkey and were currently in Japan for further training. Upon their return, tests would commence and would concentrate on the production process of crops before they reached the marketplace. Any foodstuffs containing pesticides or hormones would be destroyed.

Mr Hasipoglu then turned to the issue of Oner Erureten who had died a few days ago with suspected swine flu. He said that the advance tests of blood samples had been completed in Ankara and that the cause of death was ‘flu’.

This answer may not be conclusive as normally, it takes 10 days to complete tests for the presence of swine flu.

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