Foreign Affairs Ministry condemns Neophytou’s statement

The TRNC Foreign Ministry has condemned the Greek Cypriot DISY leader Averof Neophytou’s statement that a Cyprus settlement could not take place without the return of Guzelyurt (Morfou).

A written statement issued by the ministry argued that such statements only served to reveal that “the main intention of the Greek Cypriot administration was to not have a solution”.

Emphasising that “it was out of question to return Guzelyurt or to halt its development” stated that great efforts had been made throughout the years, as in other parts of the TRNC to develop the region.

We would like to stress that the main aim in the negotiations is not to return land but if appropriate, to discuss the possibilities of territorial readjustment.”

Pointing out that it was meaningless to issue statements by listing names and putting forward unreasonable demands during a time when efforts to reach a just and viable solution were underway, the Foreign Ministry statement stated that the Greek Cypriot side was trying to disrupt the talks by setting preconditions.

It is with astonishment that we see that the same statement, despite all our calls and warnings, reflects past Greek Cypriot views that a settlement that safeguards the continuation of motherland Turkey’s guarantees will not be accepted,” the statement said.

In this regard, we remind that the guarantee of motherland Turkey as pointed out in the statement was not a precondition that contradicted with the will for a solution. To the contrary it is an assurance of security against the unjust situation we had experienced in the past as a result of the Greek Cypriot attacks. We once again stress that it is out of question for the Turkish Cypriot people to approve an agreement which will not include the active and effective guarantee of Turkey,” the statement concluded.


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