Foreign investors are encouraged to invest in TRNC

Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun has said that his government is ready to actively encourage foreign investors to come and visit the TRNC

Addressing the Council of Ministers meeting of the 13th Economic Organisation Summit in Islamabad, Atun stated that they were ready to provide information to interested investors on investment opportunities and incentives offered by the TRNC government.

Foreign investors who want to invest in North Cyprus can count on our government’s support,” Atun said.

Stating that the TRNC aimed to develop cooperation in the field of tourism with member countries of ECO, Atun said: “We believe that North Cyprus offers an ideal holiday destination to our brothers with its natural and cultural wealth, particularly in terms of eco-tourism.

Atun also pointed out that there were 6,000 students from ECO member countries currently enrolled at TRNC universities, a figure he added which they wanted to increase.

Also, informing participants about the water transfer project currently supplying clean water to the TRNC via an 80km long suspended underwater pipeline, Atun said that the TRNC wanted to continue to carry out such creative projects with Turkey.

On the Cyprus negotiations, he argued that the Turkish Cypriots are subjected to international isolation and endless negotiations have been facing uncertainty for years.

Atun stated that the embargoes imposed on North Cyprus should be removed independent of the negotiations which have failed as he achieve any results due to the Greek Cypriot side’s intransigence.

I urge member countries to act in solidarity and to take concrete and serious steps as soon as possible to ease the isolation of the TRNC,” he added.

Meanwhile, Atun met with the Pakistani Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz whose country took on the term presidency of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO).

The two came together at a dinner reception hosted for the delegations attending the 13th ECO summit.

According to information from the economy ministry’s press office, the two men exchanged views on how to enhance cooperation between the TRNC and member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organisation.


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