Foreign Minister blames UN for 50 years of Cyprus talks

The UN stole 50 years from us, the negotiation process should be ended.” Minister of Foreign Affairs Tahsin Ertugruloglu has said.

He argued that he could not see what the Turkish Cypriots had gained after 49 years of Cyprus talks and asked: “If the Greek Cypriot side sees the Turkish Cypriot side as an ethnic minority, then what are the gains being discussed?

Addressing the TRNC Assembly, Ertugruloglu asserted that the UN took 50 years away from the Turkish Cypriot people and said:

They have stolen 50 years with the inter-communal negotiations that they started. They have mocked our intelligence. They are still doing it. 2016 should have been the end of the negotiation process. 2016 came and went. The negotiation process should be ended. What are we waiting for? The five-party meeting was a fiasco. Greece and the Greek Cypriot side made the allegation that we are a minority and occupiers.

Arguing that the Greek Cypriot side did not accept the rotating presidency, Ertugruloglu by criticising President Mustafa Akinci, asserted that there has been no other president in the world that would offer 7% of its land to the other side with a map, without receiving anything in exchange.

Star Kibris

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