Foreign Students Bulking up TRNC Population Numbers

There is an estimated number of 230,000 TRNC citizens in the projected population, Undersecretary for the State Planning Organisation Odul Muhtaroglu, has said.

He noted that if the foreign workers and the students are added into this projected population, the number of the inhabitants in the TRNC reaches 351,965. “This is the number which we accept as the population”, he said.

Muhtaroglu also noted that a study is being carried out on the projected population in 2018 and added that the above-mentioned number will increase further, because there was an increase in the number of the students. “We will re-examine the number of the workers again and we will announce the population number for 2018”, he said.

The undersecretary recalled that during the last population census, which was conducted in 2011, the de jure population including the foreign workers and the students was found to be 286,257 persons. He explained that people, who reside in a country for more than one year, are included in the de jure population and that tourists and the members of the Turkish army are not included in this number. Muhtaroglu said that since 2011, no other other population census has been carried out because these studies are generally conducted once every ten years.

Replying to a question regarding inflation, he said that they estimate that inflation by the end of 2018 will be 10.2% in the TRNC. Muhtaroglu explained that over the past few years, inflation in the TRNC has become higher than in Turkey because the majority of products are imported, local production is low and foreign exchange is widely used.

Yeni Duzen

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