Foreign Students Tell Of Their Plight During Pandemic

North Cyprus News - Nigerian Students
(File Photo)

 Foreign students in higher education have been telling of their difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thousands of students were unable to return to their home countries for financial reasons or because there were very few flights available, and they, like many locals found themselves struggling to pay for food, Yeniduzen reports.

Many who took on part-time jobs to help pay for their upkeep became unemployed during the two lockdown periods. They also have had no support from the government. Life has been hell, they said.

Their families back home have been unable to support them because they were also suffering from the financial effects of the pandemic.

The students also said that when they were employed, only the lowest paid jobs that no one else wanted were available to them. And even then, they did not receive full pay for their work.

Additionally, foreign students have struggled to understand ongoing events in the country because most publications are in the Turkish language. Therefore trying to find out what are the latest restrictions due to Covid or where PRC tests are being offered has been a problem.


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