Foreigners’ permission to purchase accelerated

Purchase permissions, totalling 124 were granted to foreigners at the council of Ministers Meeting today.

Once the files are processed by the land registry, state income will be boosted by TL4 million.

Prime Minister Sibel Siber came out from after the meeting to inform the press of the decisions made.

Apart from the major push on PTP’s, she said that the law had also been amended for foreigners coming to work in the TRNC. Previously if they came to work in the TRNC they had to stick with their employer for a minimum of 6 months. Even if their employers did not pay them or make national insurance payments, they had to carry on.

Now the foreign worker is free to change employers as long as it is still in the same industry.

PM Siber also addressed questions around the latest forest fire. She said that rumours were going around that it had been started deliberately so as to allow for the conversion of forestry land into building plots. She said that this would never happen and that 40 thousand seedlings were ready to be planted to reforest the devastated region  when appropriate.

Finally Mrs Siber said that they had cancelled a permit granted by the last government to a company, allowing it to use state beach front land. The prime minister said that no project had been outlined and the permit had just been forced through.

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