Forestry Department reminds about ban on starting fires

Strong winds caused electricity cables to spark and ignite a fire in two areas in the Kantara mountain region. Turkish Cypriot forestry department officers and firefighters were quickly dispatched to the area where an estimated 15 to 20 square metres of forest was engulfed in flames.

The forest area, however, escaped largely unscathed with only five pine trees damaged, as the fire was rapidly extinguished.

The TRNC Forestry Department announced a series of measures to prevent and manage the outbreak of fire, after the recent fires in the South.

Accordingly, the public has been reminded that lighting a fire outdoors, including at picnic spots, has not been allowed since 1st May. Those who break the ban, face a fine of twice the minimum wage or a year in prison, or both. The ban remains in place until 31st October.

In addition, drivers have also been reminded not to throw cigarette ends out of the car and anyone who spots smoke or a fire is reminded to immediately call 177, the Forest Fire hotline, or emergency number 199.

Cyprus Weekly

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