Form Government Soonest: Akinci

President Mustafa Akıncı has underlined the importance of forming a government as soon as possible. He advised the coalition partners not to act as contestants but to work together in solidarity for the benefit of the country.

The President was speaking after handing the task of forming a government to Republican Turkish Party leader Tufan Erhürman.

Stating that there were a number of pending problems in the country waiting to be solved, Akıncı said that the state budget was one of those issues which was urgent.

Pointing out that it was the first time a four-party coalition would be attempted in the country, the President said that such crowded coalitions were common in other parliamentary democracies.

If we are to continue with a parliamentary system then we have to get used multi-party coalitions”, he added.

North Cyprus News - Tufan ErhurmanSpeaking to reporters after being handed the task of forming a government, the CTP leader Tufan Erhürman reminded that the four parties, the CTP, HP, TDP and DP had been engaged in coalition talks for some time now and that all parties had reached agreement on the basis of various principles.

If we have agreed on the principles then we don’t believe that the number of parties in that coalition is important. We don’t mind which party gets which ministry because the government will work as one body”, he added.

The CTP leader said they aimed to create an egalitarian and inclusive “unity government”, adding that “the rule of law is one of our most fundamental principles.”

Our aim is to reach a conclusion by the end of this week, at worst the beginning of the next.”

After handing back his mandate to form a government to President Akıncı earlier on Tuesday, the UBP leader Hüseyin Özgurgun, referring to the four-way coalition said “it is difficult to talk of democracy when one reverses the results of the election.”

Özgürgün’s National Unity Party (UBP) came first in elections taking 21 seats and had tried, without success, to get the Democrat Party (DP) on board to form a coalition alongside the Rebirth Party, offering generous terms.


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