No formal application made for cross-border phone calls: Kaşif

Following the recent news that soon it will be possible to make mobile phone calls directly between north and south Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Minister of Public Works and Transportation Ahmet Kaşif has said that the Ministry was not approached by anyone regarding the issue, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Speaking to TAK news agency, Kaşif said that such arrangements had to be discussed by the Council of Ministers and had to be evaluated by the related technical committees in order to be approved. “In this case our Ministry did not receive any application regarding the cooperation between GSM companies across the divide,” said Kaşif.

Kaşif also underlined that he also supports such an initiative which would enable Turkish Cypriots to connect with the south and the rest of the world easily but emphasised that certain procedures should be followed for such an agreement to be reached.

“There can be civil initiatives working on cooperation in the communication field. However these matters should be discussed thoroughly by related authorities in order to be counted as positive developments,” added Kaşif.

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