Former Coalition Partner Explains Gov’t Breakup

North Cyprus News - Deputy PM Erhan Arikli
[Leader of YDP- Erhan Arıklı]
Saturday, 30 April 2022

Chairman of the Rebirth Party (YDP) Erhan Arıklı said that the government could not be formed because leader of the majority party in the coalition (UBP) Faiz Sucuoğlu gave up signing the Action Plan prepared by the DP and YDP because of pressure from his party. The task of forming a new government should be returned to President Tatar, he said, Yeniduzen reported.

Arıklı said, “In our opinion, the President of the Republic should assign the Chairman of the Main Opposition Party (CTP) the task of forming the government preventing a waste of time, as per tradition“. He also described Sucuoğlu’s statement as “unfortunate“.

In his post on social media, Arikli said the following: 

Summary: After Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu gave up at the last minute signing the 100-Day Action Plan, which was prepared by the DP and YDP together, and to which he himself made corrections and distributed to the Ministers, before the vote of confidence, as it is understood, the authorised representatives of the two parties convened last night and decided to give up on entering the Government…

 “ If the Honourable Prime Minister had dared to sign this action plan in front of the press this morning with the other party leaders, this Government would have received a vote of confidence right now. This Government could not be formed because the Prime Minister gave up signing this Action Plan under the pressure of his group…”

 Reasons For Action Plan

“It was much needed. Government programmes are written with the thought that governments will continue for five years and are never implemented. Nobody questions that. Governments have a very short lifespan. We wanted to select the important ones from that programme and schedule them. Thus, we thought that we could both bind ourselves in front of the public and increase the motivation of our government…

“The UBP Group did not object to the content of the Action Plan, but to the fact that it was prepared and presented to them by its partners. According to them, “Junior Partners” cannot offer such a condition to the “Big Partner” who is in the position of an older brother. This explains the UBP mentality, that is, the UBP’s view of the Coalitions. To them, Junior Partners exist only to top up the numbers. Their sensitivity in the government does not matter at all. Junior Partners must make do with what the Major Partner gives.

 What’s Next?

“Mr. Faiz Sucuoğlu submits the resignation of this Government to the President. If the President wishes, he may reassign Mr. Sucuoğlu, or he may assign another Member of Parliament to form the Government. In our opinion, Mr. President should give the General Leader of the Main Opposition Party the task of forming the government and prevent a waste of time.

SUMMARY:  If Mr. Sucuoğlu had not succumbed to the pressure of his group of deputies and had signed this document, this government would have been established as you read these lines.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Sucuoğlu said, “There was nothing until noon yesterday. Whatever happened in the afternoon, it happened”. Yes, something happened yesterday afternoon, of course. What happened was that Faiz Bey did not comply with the agreement and informed his partners that he would not sign this document”.


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