Former Government Comes Under Scrutiny

All actions, suspected of being taken illegally including the exceptional granting of citizenships and the distribution of building land, will be scrutinised under the new government programme, Minister of the Interior Aysegul Baybars has said.

Speaking during the budget approval session at the assembly, Ms. Baybars said that in particular, granting of TRNC citizenship had not been closely examined. In 2016, the Council of Ministers had specially granted citizenship to 150 people. Additionally, in 2017, 1,492 citizenships were also granted by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

This number is double the number of citizenships that were granted in total during the previous four years, she noted.

Ms. Baybars noted said that the investigations are not part of an effort to cast a shadow over the previous National Unity Party coalition government but there were well founded complaints on the issue.

She added that those who were granted the TRNC citizenship legally should not worry; however she noted that injustices had been committed on the issue and efforts to solve the problems created will be intensified.

The minister also said that applications for citizenship have not stopped.


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