Former PM Corruption Case to be Heard on Friday

Huseyin Ozgurgun with Inci Pars

A hearing involving three separate cases of corruption against the former prime minister, Hüseyin Özgürgün (UBP) will be held on January 10. However, it is not known if Özgürgün will return to the island for the hearing.

On the day when an Assembly Special Committee recommended the lifting of Hüseyin Özgürgün’s immunity on 26 September, Özgürgün left the country with his wife, actress and model İnci Pars.

The unanimous recommendation by the Committee was submitted to the General Assembly and the decision was approved.

The corruption case against Özgürgün, who has been in Istanbul for four months, will be heard at the Nicosia District Court on Friday, 10 January, but it is not known if he will return to the country by then.

During his time as prime minister, between 2015-2017, Özgürgün’s Turkish bank’s business account were found to contain 2.773 million TL, 252,525 dollars, £325, 800 and 242,000 euros.

The former prime minister is charged with depositing amounts of money “unfairly acquired” and failing to declare assets while in office.


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