Former President Gül will not run for office in June elections

Contrary to recent press reports, former Turkish President Abdullah Gül will not be running in the June elections.

According to the ex-president’s sources, despite being invited to do so by his former Justice and Development Party (AKP) colleagues, Gul said “I will not be a candidate”. He gave no reason for his decision and said that he did not wish to discuss the matter of his candidacy.

Gül is about to move to his own home in Istanbul, vacating the Huber Köşk, a presidential property he has been occupying since he left office.

Apparently the ex-president plans to continue working in the capacity of statesman involved in meetings on the foreign and domestic front.

Only days ago, President Erdoğan welcomed the possibility of Gül running in the June 7th elections saying that he would be meeting his co-founder of the AKP soon, to discuss the matter.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stressed the reputability of Gül among the founders of the party, as well as his “fidelity,” noting that he first became acquainted with the former president in the early 1980s.

Source Hurriyet

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