Former TRNC president critical of Eroglu

Former TRNC Mehmet Ali Talat was on TV last night and again singled out the current President, Eroglu for criticism.

Talat said that it was the bitter infighting between the Prime Minister and the President that had torn apart the ruling UBP party and left the TRNC weakened. He felt that the country should move to a presidential system. Talat believes that a system like that of the USA with its checks and balances would be appropriate for the TRNC. He said that although South Cyprus had a presidential system, this was not working well.

Asked about the recent move of eight MP’s from the UBP to the DP party, Talat answered that he did not wish to get involved in party politics. However he added that he considered that the President had acted contrary to the constitution. He said that the current turmoil with the UBP had the hallmarks of an Eroglu intervention.

When asked about the fact that Mr Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot President had said that he would not be bound by any previous negotiations, Talat replied that Eroglu had not handled that well. He, Talat, felt that the world needed reminding that negotiations could not start from zero after every election.

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