Former Turkish EU Minister Gets Citizenship

Prior to the pre-election restrictions, the UBP-DP (National Unity Party – Democratic Party) coalition government has not wasted any time and has granted citizenships to hundreds of people on the last day, all of whom will be eligible to vote, Yeni Duzen reports.

According to the paper, Egemen Bagis, the former Turkish Minister for EU affairs and Head of the Western Studies Centre of Aydin University, has also obtained TRNC citizenship. The paper further reports that the council of ministers at a meeting on November 10, decided to grant TRNC citizenship to Egemen Bagis, born on April 23, 1970, in Bingol according to article 9 of the citizenship law, paragraph (1), clause (C).

On the same issue, the paper reports that the council of ministers decided also to grant TRNC citizenship to the Turkish businessman Emrullah Turanli, born on January 15 1963 in Ikizdere.

Turanli is the owner of the Tasyapi Group, the company that operates Ercan Airport.

Furthermore, the paper reports that the names of Bagis and Turanli were included in the latest list of 519 people who were granted TRNC citizenship. The newspaper published a list of the names.

Yeni Duzen

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