Foundation laid for new car factory in TRNC

The foundation for the techno park factory where the first Günsel brand car to be manufactured in the TRNC, was laid.

The Near East University’s Innovation Centre, the AR-GE team and the Automotive Engineering Department developed the Günsel brand which is the first local automotive car that was built in the TRNC”, Bayrak broadcast.

Delivering the first speech at the event the Near East University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Associate Professor Dr. Irfan Suat Günsel said that they had achieved the adventure of building the “first local automobile” and gave detailed information about the new electric car that will be produced at the techno park factory.

Dr. Günsel explaining the technical specifications in detail, said:

“Günsel will be able to cover a distance of 350 km with a fully charged battery. Considering the current electric prices, this journey will cost about 17.4 TL, and a 100 km journey will cost approximately 4.90 TL. As Günsel compared with the other cars in its class operating with fuel, Günsel is 80% more cost efficient and incomparably environmental friendly than other cars.

Günsel has an electric motor that has 75 KW power equivalent to 102 horse power. Günsel can reach 100 km speed within 8 seconds and comprises a generative brake system. It has an aluminium chassis and a composite body. As it has an electric motor, the care and use of this car is extremely easy. It can be recharged within 7 hours by using the regular electric plugs, within 2 hours by using the standard charge units and within only 30 minutes at Günsel recharge centres that will be established at various locations. Günsel is a new generation, silent, elegant, innovative and very cost effective car.”

The president of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Fikri Toros for his part said that “this project will carry the Turkish Cypriot people further and will create new opportunities for the people and the country”.

Minister for Economy and Energy Sunat Atun, during his speech, drew attention to the economic benefits of the facilities to the country.

BRT, NEU Press Release

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