Founding Rector of YDU made honorary professor of Oxford Academic Union

Founding Rector of the Near East University (YDU) Dr. Suat İ. Günsel, was granted an Honorary Professorship of the Oxford Academic Union by the International Socrates Committee.

According to a statement released by the university’s press department, Dr. Günsel, who is also a member of the European Rectors’ Club, was conferred with the honorary title at a magnificent ceremony held in London.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Günsel said that he felt very proud and happy because he was considered worthy of an honorary professorship title and also emphasised that becoming an islander has some certain peculiarities and natural differences occur between islanders and mainlanders.

In his speech, Dr. Günsel said the following:

… Our university has managed to bring together people from 110 different countries onto this tiny island. With the research conducted so far, we have come to the level to compete with the developed countries of the world. For example, we contribute to the Big Bang CERN projects. Developments in solar-powered cars, wearable health technologies, supercomputers and robot technology are the reflections of advanced technological works.”

Dr. Günsel noted that, as a result of studies by a team from Near East University, the first TRNC domestic car was designed and brought into existence. Dr. Günsel emphasised that this once was a dream but now had become a reality.

He said, “You have honoured us. The title of honorary professor is a reflection of the work by the people of our country at international level.”

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