Four Arrested For Selling Fake Car Insurance

Car Insurance - Metehan Checkpoint

Friday, 12 May 2023

 Police have arrested four people in the last fortnight on charges of selling fake insurance policies, Yeniduzen reports.

Among the detainees, is a professional insurer. One of the arrested crossed the border 22 times using a fake insurance policy. Another used a false licence plate attached to an unregistered vehicle while crossing to the north.

Arrested for the following:

April 28: 2023: Taking out a one-month insurance with another license plate.

May 3, 2023: An insurer was arrested for allegedly selling a one-year fake insurance policy.

May 6: Arranging one-year fake insurance policy on his own behalf.

May 10: Crossing the border 22 times with a fake insurance policy issued in his own name.

All these incidents occurred while crossing from the south to the north.

According to the Head of the Insurance Information Centre İbrahim Kavçın, the police expanded their investigations on this issue.

He told Yeniduzen that forgery transactions are generally made in south Cyprus, but their “marketing” is also in the north. Kavçın said said that they received information that sales were made, in particular, in casinos and at border checkpoints.

Kavçın, who said that the fraudsters are inexperienced in “insurance” but produce professional-looking documents. He said: “For example, they throw a 3-month policy into Photoshop, extend it for 6 months, but forget to change the premium. This shows that those who do this business are not insurers”.


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