Four freedoms for Turkish nationals in TRNC already agreed

It has emerged that during the Cyprus negotiations between Talat – Christofias in 2010, the Greek Cypriot side had accepted Turkey’s demand that Turkish citizens in the TRNC enjoy the right of the four freedoms after a solution to the Cyprus problem, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ reports. The agreement was, however, bounded by certain conditions.

The newspaper writes that the document, which had been kept secret for a number of years, contained a proposal submitted by the then President Mehmet Ali Talat to President Demetris Christofias at a meeting they held on 4th January 2010.

The document was signed by the two sides at a meeting on 29th January 2010, and was locked up in the UN registries. Meanwhile, it was decided that the document should remain secret.

In the secret document, it was noted that the Greek Cypriot side had accepted, in principle, that the four freedoms be granted to Turkish citizens in the TRNC. It was decided that Greece should be briefed on this issue.

The EU was asked, via the UN, what technical work should be carried out this issue. It was stressed that this should be done in a manner that the two sides’ demographic structure was not altered. And the final acceptance of this depended on an agreement to be reached regarding the population numbers of people from Turkey, on the island.

The chairman of the People’s Party Kudret Ozersay, who spoke the day before yesterday to BRT, also underlined the issue and said the following:

“While the Greek Cypriot political parties are angry about Turkey’s demand to give Turkish citizens the four freedoms, it has come up that the Greek Cypriot side accepted this in 2010.

The demand for the four freedoms, [by Turkey] which was included in the Turkish side’s ‘package proposal’ during Talat’s time in office, in order to balance cross-voting, was accepted by the then Greek Cypriot leader Christofias and this was recorded.

Replying to a question on this issue, former chief negotiator Ozersay pointed out hat there is a convergence paper on this issue and that the then Greek Cypriot leader had accepted it.

The document regarding the four freedoms for Turkish citizens is dated 2010. Due to the fact that Anastasiades has said that he continues the negotiations from the point they were left off, remaining committed to the convergences, the aforementioned agreement seems to be on the table.

It is understood that the demand put forward by officials from Turkey for their own citizens is based on this convergence of 2010″.

Furthermore, the paper published on its front page the following excerpt in English, stating that this is how the above-mentioned convergence was expressed:

“The Greek Cypriot side agrees in principle to the enjoyment of four freedoms by Turkish nationals. The Greek Cypriot side expressed the need to consult Greece first regarding the above.

Both leaders will jointly appeal to the EU in order to initiate the necessary work on how this can be accommodated by the EU.

This appeal will be made through the Good Offices Mission of the UNSG. This will be done in a way that the demographic ratio between the two communities is not altered. The above is subject to reaching agreement on the issue of Turkish nationals/settlers residing in the north before the solution”.


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