Four Jailed For Possession and Drug Trafficking

Mehmet Sambar. Jailed for 12 yearsjpg
[Mehmet Sambar – Jailed for 12 years]
Four people were sentenced to between 4 and 12 years imprisonment for possession and drug trafficking, Yeniduzen reports.

The verdict was announced today following their arrest and trial as a result of police narcotics operation ‘Swamp’ which took place in Nicosia, Famagusta and Guzelyurt in November 2021.

The Nicosia Heavy Penal Court panel sentenced Sudem Önsal to 7 years, Aktan Naim Yıltan to 5 years, İbrahim Özyüksel to 4 years, and Mehmet Sambar to 12 years in prison. 

Presiding Judge Cemaller read the decision of a panel of three judges, stating that 18-year-old Sudem Önsal, convicted of possession, trafficking, and dealing of 1,803 grams of heroin, 901 grams of methamphetamine, and 2,500 MDMA pills, conducted drug sales in North Cyprus under the directive of her father who lives abroad. 

Judge Cemaller noted that Önsal was 16 years old at the time of the crime and, despite being influenced by her father, had the intelligence to understand that drug trafficking was wrong and illegal. 

The judge stated that WhatsApp messages between Önsal, who was a top student, and her father, had been examined and messages related to drug sales and financial transactions were discovered. 

She said, “We believe that a person with the intelligence to be a top student is capable of knowing that the job they are doing is wrong and illegal. Moreover, when looking at the messages, although directed by her father, we concluded that there was no coercion”.

Judge Cemaller said that Önsal had deposited the proceeds of the drug sales  into her mother’s account. She also stated that both the defendant’s mother and father are wanted for drug offences and currently are living abroad. 

Regarding the co-defendant Aktan Naim Yıltan, Judge Cemaller mentioned that he was a friend of Önsal, and while he did not play a role in obtaining or selling drugs, he was aware of her actions. 

Judge Cemaller stated that the defendant İbrahim Yüksel was convicted of possessing 285 grams of heroin but did not play a role in sales. She noted that the defendant did not supply drugs to others but highlighted that the amount he had in his possession was excessive.

The judge further stated that the defendant Mehmet Sambar received the drugs sent to the country by Sudem Önsal’s father, Kaan Taşkent Önsal, hidden inside a table. She also said that the defendant sold 100 ecstasy pills to an individual. Noting that the defendant was 40 years old at the time of the crime, retired from the police force due to psychiatric problems, Judge Cemaller emphasised that he was old enough to understand the nature of the crime.

After discussing the role of each defendant in the crime, Presiding Judge Cemaller announced the sentences, sentencing Sudem Önsal to 7 years, Aktan Naim Yıltan to 5 years, İbrahim Özyüksel to 4 years, and Mehmet Sambar to 12 years in prison. 


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