Four-Party Coalition Protocol to be Signed Today

Following a three-hour meeting with members for the four-party coalition on Wednesday, head of the CTP Tufan Erhürman said that he had agreed on the final coalition protocol, as the fourth party chairman.

North Cyprus News - Tufan Erhurman leader of CTPErhürman stated that the protocol will be signed by the all party leaders at 11.00 am today.

He noted that they aimed to present the list of the Council of Ministers to President Mustafa Akıncı on Friday morning.

Responding to the questions of members of the press, Erhürman said that the sharing out of the ministries between the four coalition parties was completed and that the ministers were in the final stages of their work.

On the question of whether the Presidency of the Assembly belongs to the TDP, which has three deputies, he complied with the internal rules of the Assembly, Erhürman emphasised that the legal work in this regard will continue and that he will produce a solution in accordance with the law.

Erhürman said, “We definitely will not do anything contrary to the law. We will try to find a solution formula that is lawful,” he said.


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