Four unions to support SOS Children’s Village

SOS Children’s Village has signed a protocol with the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Artisans and Shopkeepers (KTEZO), the Cyprus Turkish Union of Barbers, the Cyprus Turkish Union of Hairdressers, and the Cyprus Turkish Union of Beauticians for long term collaboration.

Signed on Thursday 22 January at SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa, the aim of the protocol is to provide children receiving care and support by SOS Children’s Village free services – such as haircuts and personal care – from specified union members. It also aims to give young people under SOS Children’s Village professional apprenticeship opportunities in these fields.

SOS Children’s Village Chairman Dr. Hacer Çerkez, KTEZO and C.T. Union of Hairdressers Chairman Mahmut Kanber, C.T. Union of Barbers Deputy Chairman Salih Ulaş, and C.T. Union of Beauticians Chairman Seral Sökmen were present to sign the agreement.

In his speech, Mahmut Kanber said:

“We are so pleased to provide this support.

In order to raise a healthy generation for the community, we believe that we must help children from a young age.

We want to continuously work with SOS to raise healthy, knowledgeable and cultured generations.”

SOS Chairman Dr. Hacer Çerkez said there are currently 108 children receiving family based care under SOS Children’s Village, which was established in 1992.

She added that SOS Kindergarten provides educational services to children from both inside and outside of the Association, and the EU-funded Prevention of Child Abandonment and Family Strengthening Project supports families at risk of separating.

She ended her speech by thanking the unions for their crucial support.

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