France’s deal With South a Risky Move – Töre

Deputy Speaker at the Assembly, Zorlu Töre issued a written statement in reaction to the military cooperation agreement signed between the Greek Cypriot administration and France, BRT reports.

Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel paid a brief visit to Cyprus.

North Cyprus News - Macron - Christodoulides
President Macron – FM Christodoulides

Describing the agreement as a strategic target of France aimed at protecting hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, Töre called on the Greek Cypriot administration and France to avoid such dangerous steps during a time when ideas of a demilitarised Federal Cyprus without guarantees or a United Cyprus are being voiced.

Stating that attempts to take the agreement further would invite ‘new scenarios’ in the Mediterranean, he invited France to use common sense.

We need to look at history. If we are not careful then Cyprus would become like Crete” Töre added.

Meanwhile in an opinion piece in ‘Cyprus Mail’, the writer argues that the Greek Cypriot belief that France, by accepting its offer of the use of its naval base at Mari in the south, wants to protect its energy interests (Total-France is drilling for gas offshore Cyprus), is just wishful thinking. The agreement signed earlier this month between South Cyprus and France, with an eye on Syria, was more likely an attempt to maintain strengthen EU naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean because of the uncertainty of the status of British Military bases on the island post-Brexit.

BRT, Cyprus Mail

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