Free concert held in Nicosia to aid South

A charity concert was held in a moat around the 16th century walls of Nicosia’s old city last week.

Thousands attended the free concert given by fifty Greek and Greek Cypriot artists in aid of those people hardest hit by the financial crisis in the South.

There was no admission fee, but concert goers were asked to bring dry food for families struggling to cope with the recession.

South Cyprus has 15% unemployment, and it faces harsh austerity measures as it tries to come out of the banking crisis.

Organiser Nicko Zavallis said that the response had been “amazing”.

“We did not expect this outcome. People have been coming with trucks. Instead of a bag, they have been filling up trucks of goods and they have been bringing it to us,” he said.

Many concert-goers were happy to help, but were themselves worried about how the economy would survive in the South.

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