Free health care ends for Turkish Cypriots

The Greek Cypriot Health Minister, Petros Petridis has announced the end of free health care for Turkish Cypriots.

He pointed out that 9,000 health cards had been issued to Turkish Cypriots in the past and that the related health costs had been 49 million euro between 2003 and 2012.

Mr Petrides said that as Greek Cypriots would no longer be eligible for a free health service because of the economic crisis, the Turkish Cypriots would also be feeling the effects of the cutbacks.

There are already two bills addressing the issue of free health care and other benefits for Turkish Cypriots and these will soon be enacted in law.

These bills will not only cover Turkish Cypriots who obtain health services from the state hospitals in the South, they will also cover foreign nationals living in the South.

In future, a free service will only be available for those who have made social security contributions for a minimum of three years and can show a valid tax return.

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