Free internet coming for Kyrenia residents

The Kyrenia Council Press Office has released a statement today saying that a major project has been launched this year to provide free internet to all its residents.

The project will be rolled out in stages; the first phase will cover Kyrenia Council HQ region, Kyrenia Harbour and Peace Park areas.

The objective is to provide free internet across the whole town. Mayor Sumer Aygin says that it is an indispensable tool for communication and obtaining information. He is hoping that it will improve the standard of living of residents. Aygin says that Kyrenia council in 2011 became a member of the Global Dialogue organisation, which involves IT projects for municipalities all over Europe.

Mr Aygin says that all people have to do is to hook up their computers or phones to the internet service provider. This will be called Liman Free Internet and type in a username and password.

There are currently 5 internet access points and more will be spread out over the town.

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