Fuel Prices Increase And Queues at Petrol Stations

Wednesday, 23 March, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Petrol - refuelling car Fuel prices rose again on Tuesday, Yeniduzen reported. 

95 octane unleaded sold at 17.33 TL rose to 18.57 TL. 98 octane gasoline sold at 17.58 TL rose to 18.82 TL. Euro diesel increased from 18.07 TL to 20.88 TL. The price of paraffin jumped the highest from 17.02 TL to  20.12 TL from 17.02 TL.

Yesterday there were long queues at the petrol stations as supplies of petrol ran out. Suppliers blamed the lack of fuel on adverse weather conditions which prevented a fuel tanker from arriving for five days.

They also pointed that it was not they who set the fuel prices but the Council of Ministers. 


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