Fundamental Islam greatest danger to Turkish Cypriots

Retired colonel Cenk Diler, responding to the attempted military coup in Turkey on 15th July said that that the biggest threat to Turks and Turkish Cypriots was Islamic fundamentalism, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis reports.

More mosques than schools have been constructed”, he said, noting that this was an indicator.

Diler stress that there was a need to halt the development of religious organisations in the TRNC. He pointed out the remarkable increase in the number of religious organisations in the TRNC, in recent years. This proves that the education system in the TRNC is not appropriate, Diler said.

Underlining the fact that “a civil intelligence unit” does not exist in the TRNC, Diler wondered if anyone can guarantee that President Akinci and the prime minister are not being spied upon. He recalled also that both former Presidents Rauf Denktaş and  Dervish Eroglu complained in the past, that their telephones were tapped by MIT agents.


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