Further allegations of vote buying emerge

There have been press reports for weeks about the previous government attempting to buy votes for the approaching elections on July 28th.

These stories have ranged from granting of illegal citizenships, distributing gun licenses, jobs and land.

Now a new and major transaction has come to light.

As a parting shot, the Council of Ministers approved an allegedly illegal distribution of land at a knock down price.

At their meeting of May 22nd the council approved a 30% rent reduction in land that had been set aside for tourism development.

This decision means that any developers who rented land from the state before 2002, for tourism development, will in future pay 30% less rent.

This curious amendment has raised controversy, not least from other developers who will not gain from the change in the law. They are asking why developers who have rented land from the government after 2002 have been excluded from the government’s largesse.

The government decision was published on June 10th and its provisions are back dated to Jan 1st.

It is claimed that this legislation changed was aimed specifically at a powerful supporter of the government and with the sole aim of benefitting him financially.

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