Future Electricity Sources Still Under Review

Minister of Economy and Energy, Ozdil Nami has said that assessments regarding electricity supplies for the future are ongoing and production capacity in the country is being monitored. This includes the probability of bringing electricity from Turkey to North Cyprus via undersea cables.

North Cyprus News - Ozdil NamiNami said that his ministry is carrying out studies together with experts on other alternatives but these also include bringing electricity via undersea cables from Turkey. He noted that contacts were being made with the relevant authorities in this regard.

He noted, however, that the main goal is to provide cheap, affordable and clean electricity.

Current power production is enough to meet consumption, he said, but in the coming months initiatives to encourage the harnessing of solar energy will be introduced. Nami said he supported this step as long as it did not bring any additional cost to consumers.

Nami also said that privatisation of the state-run electricity authority, KIB-TEK, was not on the agenda.


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