Future of Derinya crossing looks bleak

There will be further delays on opening the Derinya border crossing point. Work on the most of the road lying in the buffer zone has not yet begun.

Derinya is seen as a milestone in confidence building between the two Cypriot communities and an important addition to the seven existing crossings.

However, the UN, which has authority on this stretch of the road is waiting for the final instalment of EU Commission funding to be able to invite tenders for the work.

The UNDP, which is responsible for the project, is waiting for the Greek Cypriot side to obtain approval for the last part of the funding. Sources from the UNFICYP have noted that the delay is caused by the need for a detailed report to be issued by the Greek Cypriot authorities.

Once the Greek Cypriot authorities have obtained the funding, we can go ahead with declaring the tenders for the road,” said the UN source.

A source from the EU Commission told Cyprus Weekly “We have already given the €1.9 million out of the €2.1 million which has been approved. However, if the Greek Cypriot authorities in the report will ask for more than the remaining €200,000, then the Commission will have to examine the matter, which will mean another two-month delay.

Meanwhile, representing the Famagusta Initiative, well-known activist for the reunification of Cyprus, Okan Dagli said that the Turkish Cypriot side also is not ready to open the crossing.

Having visited Derinya, he said that, apart from the road works required, no other project facilitating the opening has taken place.

The only thing they have done is to fence off the military area between the road leading to Famagusta and Varosha [Maras]. They have done nothing about providing electricity, internet and other facilities to the area,” Dagli said.

Cyprus Weekly

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